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Advantages Of Dedicated PTT Devices Over Cellphones For Business

We get asked this question a lot, what are the advantages of a dedicated Push To Talk device versus a cellphone for business use?

1. Smartphones are expensive.  Look at the cost of an brand name cellphone and you know what we mean.  Dedicted PTT devices are typically a fraction of the cost of a brand name cellphone. 

2. Cellphones can be productivity killers.  They are easily abused by employees.  Dedicated PTT devices are purpose driven, designed to be used for communication between your company employees and that's it.

3. Most cellphones weren't designed for business Push To Talk use.  Speakers are small, and can be hard to hear in real world work environments.  Dedicated PTT devices have loud speakers that can be heard in noisy work environments.

4. If you need to communicate with your entire team at the same time, sure you could call them individually, or even via conference line, but this is highly inefficient.  You could also group text them the message, again pretty inefficient.  With a dedicated PTT device, a push of a button and your message is instantly sent out to everyone on your team.

5. Most dedicated PTT devices are more rugged than your standard cellphone, saving you the added expense of repairing broken cellphone screens, etc.

Those are a few of the key advantages dedicated PTT devices have over cellphones.