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Peak PTT Frequently Asked Questions & More (FAQs)

The Booping Asked Questions (BAQs)

What The Heck Is Boop-To-Talk?

Booping can be defined as the latest and greatest new way that humans knee deep in elbow grease (work), can now interact and communicate with each other, using the Peak Push To Talk Radio system.

Have you Booped Today? is what we ask you.

What do I have to do when I get my booping units?

Once the booping courier delivers them to you, you open the boxes and turn them on. They arrive, charged up and configured, ready to go. You have to make sure Bob gets the one meant for Bob. Otherwise, when you boop Bob, Jim will answer. The high-tech answer is we can label one "Bob" and the other "Jim." Let us know. Fill out the Booping Name Change Form Here.

Is the service nationwide?

You'd better booping believe it is.  Anywhere you can get a cell signal, it works.  Anywhere you can connect to wifi it works.  Now, if your working in Lex Luthor's lead-lined, kryptonite storage facility, probably not.  It all depends on you cracking his wifi password.  Which I bet is !HateSuper12.

Can Booping everyday make me go blind?

Here is what the Surgeon General of the Isle of Man said when asked that question in a recent interview - "No."

Can I Boop with myself?

If you have 2 devices you can.  But the real question is why would you?

Can I see where my employees are?

Yes, each device has a built-in GPS tracker so you can see where your booping employees are at any time.

Can I Boop while driving?

According to DOT rules, walkie-talkies and two-way radios are allowed.  This is a booping two-way radio.  There is no dialing.  Just push a single button - boop.

Can my employees make personal phone calls?

No, booping way.  These bad boys are programmed to only communicate with the devices in your organization.

The More Seriously Asked Frequently Asked Questions

How much are the radios/service?

Price will vary depending on the radio type/model selected - view device pricing here.  Service is billed per radio, per month.  The service includes unlimited Push to Talk use as well as GPS tracking.

Do you have demo radios that you send out?

We do not. Unlike traditional radio companies, which utilize a dealer network, as a manufacturer, we sell directly to our clients across the United States. We believe that by eliminating the middle-man, we provide our clients with a superior overall experience. Radios purchased from us come with a 45-day 100% iron-clad satisfaction guarantee. Unhappy? Return them, and we will refund the radio cost in full.  Please contact us with further questions, here.

How do you handle radio support issues when your not in my local area?

We act and believe in operating with a sense of urgency. Emergency support is available 24/7. We will issue a call-tag for devices that need service, pick up the device by common carrier, and bring them to our office for evaluation. Turn around time averages about one day. Just create a support ticket, and we will immediately begin the process.

How do I get these radios?

Radios can be purchased directly from our website, or over the phone by calling us at 855-600-6161.  M-F from 7am-5pm PST.

What happens after purchase?

You will receive an e-mail with a link to an activation form.  Once that form is completed, we will program, configure and ship your radios.  Typically, they ship the same business day ordered.  They will arrive within 3-5 business days.  Faster shipping is available at checkout.  

Do I have to do any programming?

Our service is turnkey, the radios will arrive ready to use right out of the box.  Turn them on, and begin to use them immediately.

Do you have a contract?

No, service is billed month-to-month, you can cancel the radios at anytime, and reactivate later when you desire.  Cancellation Form.

How many channels can I have?

Yes, we can create as many as you need 

Can I change the name of the Radios?

Yes, absolutely.  We do it for you, just send us a request - Radio Name Change Form

What is the range of your PTT radios?

Our radios work anywhere there is cellular coverage, we utilize national carriers who provide extensive coverage across the United States. 

Can I use your devices as a regular cellphone?

Unfortunately, you cannot.  Our radios operate using Internet Protocol (IP) data.

Can my employees make personal phone calls?

No, the radios are programmed only to communicate with other radios and dispatch computers within your organization.

 Can I see where my employees are located?

Yes, every PTT radio doubles as a GPS tracker, see where your employees are at anytime.

Can I talk to a group of radios, or just to one privately?

Yes.  We can set up an unlimited number of groups (channels) for you to use within your virtual network.  You can also create temporary groups on the fly, as well as select one or more "users" to whom you speak to privately.

What about office communication with field personnel?

We've got you covered.  With our PC dispatch software, you can have one, or multiple dispatchers located in different locations, communicating to your field workers.

Do I have to use my own SIM card?

We provide the entire solution, for a low monthly fee; radios, wireless data, and everything in-between.  When you receive your radios, they will be ready to go.  Turn them on and start talking.

Can my drivers use the radios when driving?

According to DOT rules, walkie-talkies, and two-way radios are allowed.  Furthermore, there is no dialing of phone numbers, and the device is operated by the use of a single button.  

What is the lifetime usage of these PTT radios?

Peak PTT uses the latest technology, currently we are only selling 4G enabled PTT radio devices.  This means, that what you invest in today will last for many many years to come.  Most people are unaware of this little fact, but a Major Telecom provider plans to sunset their 3G network in 2021.  This means that any 3G device will become obsolete on their network.

Do I need a base station for office personnel to communicate with the radios?

Traditional 2-way radio systems have always required a base station; however, with our radio solution, you can use a PC with a mic and speakers and our PC dispatch software to communicate with your radios.  The PC dispatcher will also provide you with live GPS location data for your radios. 

Is their a panic button on the radios?

Yes, the Peak PTT-84G has a panic button, that when pressed will alert your dispatch center of the alert as well as the location.

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