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Peak Push To Talk Pricing


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

First 45 days of purchase, if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, PeakPTT will give you your money-back, less airtime charges, it's as simple as that.

PeakPTT Risk Free Guarantee

Radios Arrive Ready to use, open the box and turn them on.  We can add additional Channels (Talk Groups) at anytime, as well as change radio names over-the-air, at no additional cost.  GPS Tracking included, No Contracts.

K2 Platform - Most Popular Everest For Enterprise
$24.95 per month per radio Call For More Info
$12.00 per month per dispatch seat Call For More Info
$9.95 per month App Call For More Info
Includes 60 second GPS Tracking

You can purchase as few as 2 radios to start and add additional to your account at any time. No Contracts. Month-To-Month Service.

Here are some examples of cost:

Buy 2 radios for $229.00 Each = $458.00
Total Device Cost: $458 (One Time Charge)
Month Service: $49.90.

10 Person Company Example:

Buy 10 radios for $229 Each = $2290.00
Total Device Cost: $2,290 (One Time Charge)
10 Monthly Service Plans @ $24.95 = $249.50/month
Optional PC Dispatch Software License: $12/month.
Total Monthly with Dispatch: $261.50/month

50 Person Company Example:

Buy 50 radios for $229 Each = $11,450.00
Total Device Cost: $11,450 (One Time Charge)
50 Monthly Service Plans @ $24.95 = $1247.50/month
Optional PC Dispatch Software License: $12/month.
Total Monthly with Dispatch: $1259.50/month


For More Information On Our Lease Option Complete the Form below, or Call Us, 1-855-600-6161.



K2 PTT SYSTEM (Our Most Popular System)

This solution is perfect and exceedingly favored by businesses of all sizes, including small, medium, and large scale enterprises. Instant Talk means  virtually no delays with transmitting & receiving! Radios are designed with resilience and waterproof capabilities, from IP54-IP68 ratings. To replace the traditional base station radio, we offer cost-effective PC dispatch software. Uniquely provided by Peak PTT, we also feature a comprehensive back-end GPS tracking Portal, offering included 60-second location updates for all devices.

GPS Tracking With PeakPTT
PeakPTT GPS Tracking Portal

Includes All Services Below:

Nationwide Coverage 4G LTE
Unlimited Push-To-Talk Service
Instant-Talk - 1 Second or less!
Speak 1-All, Group & Private 1-1
Unlimited Talk Groups (Channels)
Customize Usernames
Custom Channel Names
Secure & Encrypted Communication
Recorded Voice Calls - Instant Playback/Timestamp
SOS Alert Notifications
Cross Talk Between Different Companies
LMR Integration Via ROIP Bridge
60 Second GPS Tracking

Lifetime Equipment support/service for devices on an active PTT monthly subscription.


Ready To Use Ot Of The Box - PeakPTT

Your radios will arrive in 2 business days after you order, ready to use out of the box. Turn them on and start using them!

Order your radios online, here.

Or, call us at 1-855-600-6161 and we'll answer any additional questions you might have.