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Push To Talk Cell Phones for Ambulance & Medical Services

Healing Communications that Drive the Ambulance and Medical Services Industry

Technology is a term that is very familiar to ambulance drivers and medical service professionals today. You understand the need for the latest technology to drive innovation and fuel progress. That’s exactly what you receive when you work with Peak PTT. There is no other industry where fast access to relevant information is critical than in one that offers emergency medical services.

How can Peak PTT Make a Difference?

Peak PTT utilizes the most advanced 4G LTE networks to deliver instantaneous information at the push of a button. It doesn’t end there, though. With Peak PTT equipment, like the 4G Push to Talk Over Cellular Radio, you enjoy the benefit of enhancing digital audio and noise-canceling technology, so your message is clear even when working to save lives in noisy environments.

Some of the benefits ambulance operators and medical service providers will enjoy by using push-to-talk over cellular technology include the following:

  • GPS location services for more efficient routing and avoiding slower traffic.
  • Capabilities of relaying critical safety information to large groups of people swiftly.
  • Instant notification of emergencies.
  • Status reports in the field that includes information about arrival and departure times at the scene for ambulances and accurately estimated arrival times so local hospitals can be prepared to receive incoming patients.

Because push-to-talk services delivery real-time information about the location of all ambulances on the roads, you can also swiftly identify the closest available ambulance in every call. This shaves off precious seconds that may mean the difference between life and death.

Who Can Use Push-to-Talk over Cellular in the Medical Industry

PTT over cellular has an incredible number of applications in the healthcare field. All of the following can benefit greatly from this communication technology:

  • Dispatchers
  • EMT / Emergency Medical Responders
  • Paramedics
  • Ambulance Drivers
  • Home Health Care Workers
  • Traveling Nurses
  • Hospital Staff
  • Hospital Security Staff
  • Organ Transplant Delivery Staff
  • And more.

Why Push-to-Talk is Changing the Way Ambulance Operators Communicate

Emergency responders use technology in their roles constantly. Communication, though, can sometimes be difficult for professionals busy trying to save the lives of others.

Push-to-talk over cellular services can be used to improve communication to assist your organization with the following:

  • Routing
  • Response times
  • Productivity

More importantly for you, it doesn’t cost a huge amount of money to get started with push-to-talk technology.

Peak PTT can be instrumental in assisting your ambulance crews navigate storm-littered streets, route around backed up traffic in the aftermath of accidents, and arrive on the scene faster and safer with simple to use dispatch software and the ability to communicate with the push of a button.