Push To Talk Radios For Business. Nationwide Coverage. No Contracts + Epic Customer Service.

Benefits Of The Peak PTT System

The Peak PTT (PoC) System benefits companies large and small by providing value to your organization.

  • Instant Local and Nationwide Talk - Just Like The Old Nextel Phones.

  • Eliminate - Most Phone Calls.  Get your message across quickly and efficiently.

  • Group / Private Tak Channels (That We Can Set-up Dynamically)

  • DOT Compliant Mobile Device - Driver’s can use this when driving - when the device’s screen is set to auto-lock, as it does not allow the driver to anything but Push-To-Talk.

  • Easy to Use, Easy To Set-Up, Works Right Out of the box for instant communications.
  • Secure Comms - When transmitting Voice data, SHA1 and DES algorithm are enabled to encrypt the data.
  • The Peak PTT System Network is set up for Redundant & Reliable Communications.  Servers are located throughout North America as well as Europe, and Asia.    
  • 4G/3G National Carrier Network - AT&T - Covers Large Area of Service.
  • Company Wide Communications - From Office to Field (With PC Desktop Software) to even temporary employees with Apps.
  • Unlimited # Of Talk Groups (Channels).
  • Secure & Private - On-On-One Talk.
  • Comprehensive GPS Tracking Portal, Geofence SMS message & email alerts, Find Closest to, Directions & Routing, Historical View.

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