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PTT Radio and Devices For Energy Companies

Fueling Communication for the Industry that Powers the World

Push-to-talk over cellular technology is revolutionizing communication for energy industry businesses. Peak PTT offers push-to-talk over cellular communications that allows you to use traditional 4G LTE networks, available nationwide, to communicate with large groups of or with individuals within your organization.

Gone are the days of phone tag and group texts that become cumbersome and tedious. PTT allows you to send your message to those who need it in a matter of seconds. Think of all the people you communicated with in the average day:

  • Facility managers
  • Field personnel
  • Rig managers (land rigs and off-shore platforms)
  • Operations managers
  • Emergency response engineers
  • Executives

Energy covers a huge sector of the economy. You face fierce competition and a constant need to communicate with people on the ground, in the Gulf, and en route from one location to another.

Why Peak PTT Presents Powerful Solutions for Energy Industry Businesses

Peak push-to-talk over cellular technology provides energy companies with the right tools to facilitate communication among large groups across the country or private communications between two individuals.

Additionally, you bring the power of GPS real-time tracking into the picture offering location data to ease concerns and improve asset management, billing, payroll, and general record keeping.

You get to enjoy all these benefits along with the following features cash-strapped energy companies looking to compete in their industries are sure to appreciate, such as:

  • Instant communication with specific individuals or groups
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Emergency notifications (including SOS signals)
  • Low costs to begin
  • Ability to dispatch assets from any computer
  • Group and private messaging with the push of a button
  • Available on a variety of devices – even via mobile apps for Android and Apple operating systems

When you’re ready for a full-service communication solution for your energy industry business, Peak PTT offers the tools, including the:

you need to get your communications up and running quickly.

Leverage the power of technology to assist you in all facets of your business by using push-to-talk technology over cellular along with superior GPS capabilities to deliver the following:

  • Accurate status reports of arrivals and departures in the field.
  • An accurate rendering of the route workers took to and from job sites and locations.
  • The location of all workers in the field (especially beneficial when dealing with or responding to emergencies).
  • Real-time exchanges of data between various team members in the field.
  • Keeping everyone on the same page through one format instead of relying on a variety of methods and hoping everyone got the message.

Peak PTT for Energy Companies

Whether your energy company deals with oil, solar power, wind power, nuclear power, or some other energy variety, communication is the cornerstone of keeping your business relevant and effective. You must be able to easily communicate with your workers in the field.

Peak PTT offers a full suite of services and solutions to assist you in coordinating your communication efforts. We’ll even help you set up your system and create appropriate groups for faster communication.

Contact us today online or by calling 855-600-6161 to learn about the many ways we can help fuel communication for your energy business.