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Field Service Companies

Streamlining Communication with Workers in the Field

Technology is improving by leaps and bounds. Push-to-talk, or PTT, technology over cellular is one of the areas where technology is revolutionizing the modern workforce, especially in field service industries where time is often critical.

These are just a few ways your field service company can benefit from making the transition to push to talk technology over cellular for your business:

  • Instant feedback from workers, including status reports, job start times, job completion notifications, etc. in the field.
  • GPS and geofencing capabilities to help workers plan the most efficient possible routes.
  • Workers in the field provided with critical safety information.
  • Elimination of voicemail tag.
  • Effective communication in environments that may otherwise make communication difficult.

The key to make PTT technology work for your field service company is to choose an industry leader, like Peak PTT, that offers the latest technology, including real-time GPS location and data.

Why are Field Service Companies Choosing Push to Talk?

There are many reasons to consider Push to Talk technology for your field service company. Aside from the benefits listed above, there are other considerations that make it a real win for field services business owners, such as:

  • Low startup costs
  • Instant communications
  • Nationwide coverage – talk with teams across the country
  • Dispatch control usable from any computer
  • Enables group and private communications with the push of a button
  • Availability of a variety of devices, many featuring rugged designs to withstand the rigors of an active field services workforce

The GPS features of PTT devices allows you to gauge accurate billing, labor records, and more by tracking the following information about field service workers,

  • Location
  • Productivity
  • Efficiency
  • Travel routes
  • Arrival times
  • Departure times

Whether your field service employees are technicians who run or repair cable lines, mobile nurses who provide in-home care, property management landscapers who add value to residences and businesses, or HVAC experts who install and repair equipment, they all can benefit from push-to-talk technology.

Deployment For Field Services Company

Many field service companies supply their techs with a connected tablet, and cellphone.  You can now eliminate the cellphone, here's how:

Company A Profile:

Techs in field using a connected Android tablet, as well as company supplied smartphone.

By installing the Everest Android App, and using a Bluetooth Remote Speaker Mic, you'll be able to be in constant contact with your technicians. 

Contact us with any questions or concerns you may have and allow us to help you create customized Peak PTT over cellular solutions for your field services organization.