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M54G Quickstart Guide

M54G Quickstart Guide

Check List:


Red Wire - Ignition/Accessory
Black Wire - Ground

Power: 12-24 VDC

Front Of M54G

No. Part Name No. Part Name
1 Power On/Off & Volume Knob 2 LCD Display
3 LED Indicator 4 SOS Key
5 Not Used 6 Speaker
Microphone Jack 8 Microphone 
9 Camera (Not Used) 10 Channel Keys


Back Of M54G

M54G Back

No.  Part Name
1 Antenna Port
2 Power Port (12-24 VDC)
3 USB Port


LED Operating State

LED  Indication
Standyby Green (Blinking)
Search Network Green (Fast Blinking)
PTT Transmitting Red (Steady)
PTT Receiving Green (Steady)



Connect the antennas and power supply cord to the radio before you attach the brackets.

M54G Installation Steps

No.  Part Name
1 Mounting Bracket
2 Locking Knobs
3 Antenna Cap

A. Install the radio mounting bracket in your specified location.

B. Connect Antenna/Power Cord To The Radio

C. Attach Radio to Mounting Bracket

D. Install the Mic Hanger in a location where it can be easily reached.

E. Plug the Hand Mic into the microphone port on the front panel.

The radio has been configured to work out of the box, once installed and powered on, you can begin using the radio immediately.