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Peak PTT - Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have have answers.  Feel free to contact us with any other questions via the email address below, or our contact form.

What is the range of your PTT radios?

Our radios work anywhere there is cellular coverage, we utilize  national carriers who provide extensive coverage across the United States. 

Where will these PTT radios work?

We leverage existing cellular, WiFi and broadband networks to transmit voice over the internet.  As long as you are in data coverage range, the radios will work.

Can my employees make personal phone calls?

No, the radios are programmed only to communicate with other radios and dispatch computers within your organization.

 Can I see where my employees are located?

Yes, every PTT radio doubles as a GPS tracker, see where your employees are at anytime.

Can I talk to a group of radios, or just to one privately?


What about office communication with field personnel?

We've got you covered.  With our PC dispatch software, you can have one, or multiple dispatchers located in different locations, communicating to your field workers.

Do I have to use my own SIM card?

We provide the entire solution, for a low monthly fee; radios, wireless data, and everything in-between.  When you receive your radios, they will be ready to go.  Turn them on and start talking.

Can my drivers use the radios when driving?

According to DOT rules, walkie-talkies, and two-way radios are allowed.  Furthermore, there is no dialing of phone numbers, and the device is operated by the use of a single button.  

What is the lifetime usage of these PTT radios?

Peak PTT uses the latest technology, currently we are only selling 4G enabled PTT radio devices.  This means, that what you invest in today will last for many many years to come.  Most people are unaware of this little fact, but a Major Telecom provider plans to sunset their 3G network in 2021.  This means that any 3G device will become obsolete on their network.

Is their a panic button on the radios?

Yes, the Peak PTT-84G has a panic button, that when pressed will alert your dispatch center of the alert as well as the location.

What Frequency does your PTT-84G operate on?

The Peak PTT-84G supports UMTS Bands 1900/850 MHZ (WCDMA/HSDPA), and LTE FDD B2/4/5/12/17.  The PTT-84G is also backward compatible on 3G data networks,. 

 Got more questions, email us for answers!  info@peakptt.com