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PTT-304G Quickstart Guide

PTT-304G Quickstart Guide

Thank you for choosing the PeakPTT PTT-304G Radio.

Included in the box you will find:

Part # Quantity
PTT-304G Radio 1
USB Data Cable 1
Battery 1
Travel Charger 1
Heavy Duty Belt Clip 1


 Operating State LED Indicator
Standby Green (Blinking)
Low Battery Red (Blinking)
Charging Red (Steady)


Radio Controls


PTT-3094G Controls Front
PTT-3094G Controls Back

Charging The PTT-304G

Connect the PTT-304G handheld radio and power adapter using the USB Data Cable.  Solid red light on the PTT-304G device indicates battery charging in process. A green light indicates the device is fully charged.
Charging The TE-304G Device

 To Power On: Tap the Power On Button

To Switch Channels: Turn The Power On Button

To Enter a 1-1 Private Call:

-long press the Programming Button to enter into the One-to-One Private Call mode
-switch the channel knob to find members.
-Once the right member selected, press the PTT Button to Start the calling.
-Long Press the Programming Button to Cancel, Reject, End the Private calling

Please contact with us questions.