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PTT-M94G Mobile Quick Start Guide

PTT M94G Mobile Quick Start Guide

The Peak PTT-M94G is a hardwired Mobile PoC Radio.

Included In The Box Are The Following Items:

1. PTT-M94G Mobile Radio
2. Radio Mounting Bracket
3. Radio Wiring Harness
4. Microphone
5. 2-In-1 GPS / 4G LTE Antenna Puck

The radio will come pre-configured for use on your account. 


The M94G Must Be Wired With Three Wires, Power / Ground / Acc.

This allows the unit to properly shutdown when powered off.  Failure to properly wire the device, will result in sudden device shutdowns, that may stop the unit from proper operation.

Furthermore, GPS/LTE Combo Antenna - Is NOT weatherproof.  Do not install antenna outside of vehicle, protect antenna from the elements.  Typical install locations, under/on dash of vehicle, ensure antenna is not blocked by metal.

PTT-M94G Installation

1. Find a suitable location to mount the radio, secure mounting brackets.
2. Wiring Harness: Red Wire - Constant Hot.  White Ignition/ACC, Black - Ground.
3. Once the harness is wired to vehicle power, connect to power port on back of radio.
4. Connect - Antenna.  Be sure to connect GPS to GPS and LTE to LTE.
5. Secure Antenna.
6. Test Radio By Turning It On (Knob)
7. Secure Radio to Mounting Bracket.
8. Install Mic Hanger

Please contact us with any questions you might have, 855-600-6161.