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PTT-594G Quick Start Guide

Included With The PTT-594G

  • PTT-594G Device
  • Battery
  • Belt Clip
  • Travel Charger
  • USB-C Cable
  • Desktop Charger

Getting Started:

The PTT-594G will arrive ready for use.  To turn the radio on,

  • Press and Hold The Power Button Until The Screen Lights Up
  • Once On, Tapping The Power Button Turns Off The Screen
  • Press Power Button Again To Turn Screen Back On

 PTT-594G Power Button


PTT-594G Overview

Charging The PTT-594G

The PTT-594G can be charged via USB-C cable directly, or by using the included desktop charger.

PTT-594G Desktop Charger

 Operating The PTT-594G

The PeakPTT Push To Talk Application will automatically start once the device is turned on.  Simply push the PTT button to speak and begin communicating.

 PeakPTT Application

The application will allow you to view map locations of other devices, as well as sending text style messages.

Tapping The PeakPTT App on the touch Screen will open the Application. 

Application Main Menu

From This Menu, You will be able to access your channels, and contacts.

Peak PTT K2 Application Main Menu

Tapping the Map Icon at the bottom of the menu, shows device locations for other radios in your channel.

PTT-594G Map Screen

You can switch Map view to standard or satellite view, by selecting map.  Checking the Orange Icon with Latch Calls, so you will be able to see the locations of other devices when they transmit.


You can also send text messages to other compatible devices on the system.

Select from your contacts, who you would like to send the message to.

Send Message PTT-594G

Once you've selected the recipient, Select "Send Message".

PTT-594G Send Message

Type Your Message, and Press Send:

PTT-594G Type and Send Message

You Will See Responses In The MSG window.

PTT-594G Message Response

You can send messages to individuals, or even entire channels.

Settings Menu

Your device is per-configured to work right out of the box.  There are no changes that need, or should be made to the settings menu.