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Towing Companies & Push-To-Talk Communications

Driving the Communications that Help Towing Companies Deliver



Towing companies have huge responsibilities. Whether you’re responding to the aftermath of an accident, a breakdown, or towing cars that have been illegally parked, effective communication can help you carry out your duties more effectively and with fewer risks.

Benefits of push-to-talk over cellular technology for towing companies are nearly limitless. It offers instant communication with drivers in the field, so you can relay emergency weather reports, road closures, and even help drivers find the fastest possible routes to accident scenes to get traffic flowing again. Other benefits to consider include:

  • Emergency notifications (allowing drivers to send SOS signals in emergencies as well).
  • GPS location and data to help drivers identify safest, most expedient routes.
  • Easy dispatch thanks to Peak PTT dispatch software.
  • Coordinate with multiple tow truck drivers simultaneously.
  • Receive status reports for arrivals, departures, route closings, pickups, and deliveries.

The ability to use push-to-talk technology in this manner can literally transform the way you do business. Thanks to the real-time GPS location services and status reports on-the-go, you can enjoy a much easier billing and record keeping experience.

In addition, you can offer greater protection for drivers making some of the less popular pickups, like parking-related pickups or repossessions. The ability of your drivers to instantly send out emergency alerts or SOS signals backed by GPS location data helps to provide prompt assistance when it is required.

Why Peak PTT for Your Towing Company’s Communication Needs?

Peak PTT is proud to offer the latest technology by utilizing a nationwide series of 4G LTE networks and offering next-generation tools and equipment to fuel your communications efforts. Not only do you have the option of ordering top-of-the-line equipment, like the Peak 4G Push to Talk Over Cellular Radio, but you may also choose to download the Android Peak PTT app or the iOS Peak PTT app.

When you order the Peak PTT Over Cellular Radio, we’ll help you get it set up so you can begin testing out your next communications mettle right away. This includes setting up your talk groups.

Benefits you’ll enjoy with Peak include the following:

  • Easy setup.
  • Low startup investment.
  • Nationwide access.
  • Dispatch access from any computer.
  • Access to rugged devices designed for use by tow truck drivers.

Peak PTT offers a wide range of services that will help you drive your towing company forward.

Contact us with any questions you may have, learn more about our products and services and. how you can Peak PTT to help grow your towing company.