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Waste Management Mobile Communications Push-To-Talk

Push-to-talk technology over cellular is paving the way for a paradigm shift in communication for busy waste management organizations like yours. In fact, some might say it is revolutionizing the industry by allowing waste management companies to do the following:

  • Deliver emergency or safety information to groups of workers in the field instantaneously.
  • Allow crews to interact with management and dispatchers to provide vital status reports.
  • Create accountability among workers to stay on their assigned routes and make sufficient progress throughout the day (can greatly reduce overtime).
  • Provide employees with the opportunity to notify management of emergencies and get help quickly when they do arise.

Of course, the real secret to success involves working with an organization that is as dedicated to success as you are. Peak PTT offers the latest technology and most advanced nationwide 4G LTE networks along with digital audio and noise-reducing technology to ensure crystal-clear communication – even in noisy environments some waste management professionals may work in.

Why Push-to-Talk is So Vital in Waste Management

Think about all the lost time you spend sending and retrieving email messages. Better yet, consider the time it takes to make multiple phone calls to deliver the same message. Push-to-Talk over cellular eliminates the need for this wasted time. It allows you, and your crews, to operate more efficiently by wasting less time.

PTT also allows team members to communicate more efficiently, eliminating wasted time walking back and forth to deliver messages to other crew members. The efficiency factor alone is worth its weight in gold for many waste management organizations.

Why Choose Peak PTT?

Laying Waste to Communication Problems for Waste Management Organizations

Peak PTT offers you a variety of options for integrating PTT into your organization. This includes things like:

a Peak PTT 4G Push to Talk Over Cellular radio

Peak PTT dispatch software

the Peak PTT app for Android

the Peak PTT app for iOS

And, we’re happy to help you set up and create your talk groups.

Peak PTT offers some attractive benefits, that include:

  • Low costs for getting started.
  • Fast communications with large groups over large distances.
  • Nationwide coverage.
  • Group and private communication capabilities.

The big question for you, is how can push-to-talk with Peak benefit your waste management organization?

Contact us today and let us offer real-world examples and scenarios of the benefits push-to-talk has to offer your waste management company. Call us at 855-600-6161 or complete our online form and we’ll get back to you right away.