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PTT 584G Multi-Charger

PTT 584G Multi-Charger

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Looking for a reliable, efficient, and versatile charging solution for your PTT-584G radios? Look no further! Our PTT-584G Multi-Charger is designed to support charging up to 8 PTT-584G radios simultaneously, ensuring that your communication devices are always ready for action.

Key Features:

  • Charge up to 8 PTT-584G radios at once
  • Compatible with a wide range of voltage inputs (100V - 240V, 50/60Hz AC 3A)
  • Energy-efficient with minimal power consumption
  • Optimal performance in various temperatures (32°F - 113°F)

Power Supply Specification:

  • Voltage Input: 100V - 240V 50/60Hz AC 3A
  • Output: 15V 8A
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C - 45°C (32°F - 113°F)

Charger Slot Specification:

  • Input: DC 15V 8A
  • Output: 5V 1.5A
  • Maximum 1.5A output to each charging slot
  • Power Consumption: Unloaded Less Than 0.2 watts

With the PTT-584G Multi-Charger, you can experience the convenience of charging multiple radios at once, making it perfect for businesses, event management teams, and emergency response units. Its compatibility with a wide range of voltage inputs ensures that you can use the charger in various locations across the globe without any hassle.

Designed to be energy-efficient, the PTT-584G Multi-Charger consumes less than 0.2 watts when unloaded, making it an eco-friendly choice for your charging needs. The charger operates efficiently within a temperature range of 32°F - 113°F (0°C - 45°C), providing reliable performance in various conditions.