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Everest Push To Talk Platform

The Peak Everest Platform

The Peak Everest Platform is a professional Push To Talk System, designed for Business use.  Everest is capable of handling small as well as large-scale PTT deployments.  The Everest ecosystem consists of dedicated rugged PTT devices, Android & Apple apps, as well as PC Dispatch software.  Everest boasts low latency PTT talk, high-availability,  and maintains five 9s (99.999%) of network up-time.    

System Availability/Capacity/Groups:

99.999% system availability - it is better than most LMR and DMR networks.  

Standard Capacity Configuration:  Support of up to under 10k registered users.  Large Capacity Configuration:  Capable of up to 200k registered users per system.  

Group size matters.  Everest transmits data from its servers in under 100 milliseconds, reaches all users, in under 1 second, whether its a 1-1 private call or a large group call of 350 users.   Competitive advantage, virtually zero latency over both small and large talk groups.

Latency is the problem child of PTT.  Every second counts.  Competitors do not talk about lag to large talk groups.  The latency of talk message delivery creates havoc with group members since they cannot respond many seconds after they have completed hearing the audio.  Latency over 1 second creates a bad user experience.  Most users press the PTT button about 1 second after they hear the message to respond, and in many cases on other systems, will listen to an irritating channel busy tone. This DOES NOT OCCUR on the Everest System.

Real-Time Text Messaging

Everest offers several ways of communications between users, Everest real-time text messaging services allows users to send real-time text messaging for 1-on-1, Dispatchers & groups.

Everest Dispatch Console

The Everest Dispatch console provides a multi-channel full feature console for workforce management.  It has all the features of a large Dispatch Console (i.e., location tracking on demand, embedded recording, and geo-fencing among other features) which is sold by leading dispatch Console companies at a fraction of the price.

App & Dedicated Device Hardware Battery Usage

Due to the efficiency of the operation of the Everest PTT application, devices use a minimal current to stay connected during idle time and audio transmissions.  The app usually uses about 1% of the devices battery power per hour.