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Everest Dispatch Console
Everest Dispatch Console

Everest Dispatch Console

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Everest Dispatch Console Software

The Everest Dispatch console provides a multi-channel full feature console for workforce management.  It has all the features of a large Dispatch Console (i.e., location tracking on demand, embedded recording, and geo-fencing, among other features), which is sold by leading dispatch Console companies at a fraction of the price.

Minimum PC Requirements:

OS Windows 7, 10
Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080
CPU Quad-Core i5 2.67 GHz
Storage: 500 MB for App, does not include call recordings.
Network Card 1 x 100 Mb
Screen LCD 21" (for PC only),  16:9 ratio
Speakers Generic (USB Preferred)
Microphone Generic (USB Preferred)
PC Sound Card Generic

Everest Console Setup
: $125.00
Monthly Cost: 1CH Simultaneous Talk, $79 per month.  Call for Additional Channel Pricing